Milky Chance

Sincere pop music? It’s quite possible that there is no such thing, but if any band gets damn close then it’d certainly be Milky Chance. Every song is completely self-directed, written directly from their gut and passionately wrought into being by their own hands.

If you fight your way through to the essential foundations of this music, you’ll find the basis filled with classical singer-songwriter elements. But Milky Chance breaks with the usual characteristics of the genre with an incredibly strong and present dynamic. It is a dynamic created by dominant guitarwork, that the singer plays as his own accompaniment, and which is, despite its having developed far, still recognizable for its reggae roots. Milky Chance creates a whole new soundscape by supporting these foundational elements with electronic Bass and Percussions. It’s a sound that manages to rise above the usual pop-swamp but still manages to connect to an audience of vastly different social and economic spheres.

In this way, Milky Chance hits a certain nerve of our time: everyone has all possibilities. A generation tries to forget its aimlessness and clings longingly to everything spontaneous, genuine, everything that has nothing to do with planning, assessing and calculating.  

The soundtrack of Where to, Miss? is composed by Milky Chance, combining the unmistakable sound of the band with subtle Indian influences.

Singer Clemens Rehbein sings and comments on the mood and the action in his own personal way. The medium of film allows different art forms to be brought together, to support one another. Where to, Miss? contains sequences that are characterized by a strong visual and musical mood. The basic feeling of Milky Chance’s music is a very idealistic attitude towards the world, which is broken by the confrontation with reality.

It creates a melancholy that can be found wherever there is a longing for something that can be perhaps never be perfectly achieved – but where a strong hope remains. This tone corresponds exactly to that of the film, hence the collaboration with Milky Chance is an incredible addition for us and the film!

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