Devki finds herself in a continuous conflict between her wish to be emancipated and the deeply-rooted traditions of Indian society. The film Where to, Miss? tells the story of a courageous young Indian woman over a period of three years, as she goes through three stages and roles : daughter, wife, mother.

Her greatest wish in life is to become a taxi driver. She would like to ensure that other women reach home safely and would like to be financially independent. On the path to achieving her goal, she must withstand the opposition of her  father, then her husband and  in the end her father in law. Her daily routine is defined by the constant battle to defend her aspirations and to simultaneously pave a way for her to achieve her dreams without alienating her family.

Where to, Miss? follows Devki’s story, as it tell us why Indian women find it difficult to free themselves from their traditional roles.


Becoming a taxidriver is Devki`s biggest wish. To reach this goal, Devki has to stand up to first to her father, then her husband and at the end even her father-in-law. Devki’s story in Where to, Miss? tells us, why it is difficult for Indian women, to step out of their deep embedded roles.