Director’s Comment

In December 2012 a young Indian student in Delhi was brutally raped and died due to the resulting injuries. 

Where to, Miss? is my search for an answer to the question as to why Indian women find it difficult to free themselves from the structures of the society. 

I was in search of a woman who would courageously fight to determine her own life – and I found Devki, the taxi driver. 

While shooting we realized how deep the traditional roles of man and woman are embedded in the minds of the Indian citizens. One needs to make huge sacrifices to forge new paths. For making her own decisions, Devki was thrown out of the family indefinitely – and this in in a land where family is the only support. In a country where there is no assistant from the government in such situations.

To live a self determined life, to marry the man one loves or to choose a profession of one’s choice, could mean standing at the precipice of one’s existence and face oblivion.

My aim is to present the framework of society through the microcosm of our protagonist Devki.  I wish to create understanding for the women, who in spite of not winning, inspire others to take on their battles.