Devki is tattooed on the neck of the young Indian woman.

Devki Sharma is 22 years old and lives with her family in Jaitpur, a slum like part of Delhi. At the age of 18, she was married of to a man, whom she never got to know before the wedding. The marriage didn’t last, because Devki couldn’t play the role of a wife as was expected of. After three weeks she returned to her parents house. After that her problems there began.

Devki didn’t fit in the intended pattern of a woman in India anymore. The money spent on the wedding was wasted, the image of the family was ruined and Devki feels herself to be a burden to her family.

Devki has always dressed like a boy. She wore jeans instead of saris, loved to be outside and withdrew herself from the duties of a woman. By coincidence she got to know about a NGO, that train women to be taxi drivers.

In a period of three years Devki realized what it means to be a Indian woman and want to make your decisions.

Her daily life is marked by her continuous need to defend her views and aspirations in life from the male counterparts of her family. Her father, her husband and in the end even her new father-in-law are against her work. Driving a taxi is a male-dominated profession and not the right one  for a woman. Soon enough there are rumours about women who are out at night – they are considered to be prostitutes. The odd work timings and the lenght of the training are met with resistance.

Despite all the resistance Devki follows her dream to become a taxi driver and takes on a big risk with her decision to do so. She stands to lose the most important people in her life.

Where to, Miss? tells us the story of a courageous and decisive young woman and her efforts to pave a way between her own plan for life and that wished on her by the others.

”Earlier everybody used to call me the daughter of Harishchandra. After marriage I was known as the wife of Badri. Today I am known as Auayush’s mother. I want to be known only as Devki.”